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Company brief introduction

Company brief introduction

    How time flies! Since 2002 when Zhejiang Crystal-Optech Co., Ltd.  was founded, all technical innovation, industrial research and development, and capital market mergers and acquisitions are improved at once, the performance is increased in leaping, and the comprehensive strength is obviously enhanced. Currently, the company has owned five blocks: optical film, optical display, semiconductor illumination and material, reflective material, and automation equipment, and subsidiaries in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Taiwan Taizhong and Japanese Saitama.
    The development of Crystal Optech is inseparable from the understanding and help of our community, the effort and progress of every worker, and the trust and support of clients and shareholders, I have the honor to represent the company to express our sincere gratitude and sincere thanks to you.
    Crystal Optech always believes that technical innovation is the power for enterprise development. The company shall completely handle the trends of international related industry, gradually build and research the core supporting technology, support related technical field by special technology, enlarge the technical innovation, shorten the product development period, pursue the perfection and keep satisfying the consumer’s demand. 
    In the future, we will insist on the core values of “Learning, Growth, Grateful and Sharing” as always, completely develop the entrepreneurship of Crystal people of “being dare to play, brave to challenge and create the bright future”, perform all works with high sense of responsibility, accelerate the development pace of the company, create new ecology of Crystal Optech, and return the worker, the investor and the society by excellent operating performance. 

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