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LED & sapphire

    As one of the strategic emerging industries, the LED illumination has great market and potential in the energy conservation and environmental protection. 
   The LED & Sapphire of Crystal Optech was founded in 2010 as the earliest semiconductor illumination in China, the LED sapphire substrate is one of main products of the enterprise. After years of effort, the LED & Sapphire of Crystal Sapphire has become the domestic famous and good-fame professional substrate designer and manufacturer. 
   The LED & Sapphire insists on the business philosophy of serving the client with heart and soul and creating value for the client, and engages in providing large-size, high-quality and constant substrate solution for the industry. The products are produced in batch for one generation and reserved for one generation, with the rising year after year of product and amount, the sales volume of the LED & Sapphire is increased at the speed of doubling every year, and becomes the new force of Crystal Optech. 

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