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    In August 2002, the Crystal Optech takes the optical business as the starting point, and after more than ten years of development, the company formed three technologies taking optical cold-working processing, precise optical coating and semiconductor photolithography as cores, respectively and successfully developed a series of products such as optical low-pass filter (OLPF), absorption IR cut off Filter(Blue Glass), thermal diffusion panel, wafer-level optical filter, band pass filter and cover glass, wherein there are more than ten provincial new products all of which meet the domestic and international leading level and fill the domestic blank. Currently, the company has established three bases: Zhejiang Jiaojiang, Zhejiang Linhai and Jiangxi Yingtan and configured with the world first-class equipment and facility for supporting the domestic and foreign famous enterprises or industry leaders such as SONY, CANON, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, LENOVO and ZTE, and is the excellent supplier or main supplier of a plurality of enterprises. 
   The production and sales volume of the main products optical low-pass filter (OLPF) and absorption IR cut off Filter(Blue Glass) in the company is ranked in international top three. Over the past decades, the rapid development of digital industry, such as digital camera, computer camera, mobile phone camera, Security monitoring camera and projector, provides excellent development space for the current business of company and paves the leading position of the company in subdivided industry.
    The optics component is the current supporting industry of the company, and the company will positively seek the integration of product chain and industry chain, key arranging new products and technologies and realize great breakthrough of optical industry, on the basis of consolidating existing businesses. The gradual application of the imaging technology in medical, internet of things, internet of vehicles, intelligent furniture and other new industries provides new development opportunities for the optical business of the company. 

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