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Talent concept


Crystal talent team (Graduating student training plan)
    The graduating students are the future of Crystal Optech! In order to help the graduating students to smoothly complete the conversion to be Crystal people, worker and professionals and become the new force for company development, the human resource center made a one-year training plan and clarified the training target and content in stage. After one year of training, the company selected the superior and eliminated the inferior, more importantly, completely developed the learning ability, communication ability, detail observing ability, analysis ability and team cooperation ability of the graduating student, and accumulated power for the future development of Crystal Optech. 

Crystal leader team (potential leader training plan)
    The potential leader is the employee working in Crystal for 1 to 2 years. According to the demand feature of these employees, we put the focus of potential employee training plan on the improvement of business ability, and divide five training lines according to the division of functional business, i.e., production line, technical line, sales line, human resource line and finance line. 
    In combination with the internal and external resources, the human resource center designs the targeted course for all professional lines. According to the “721 rule” for adult learning, besides the knowledge training in class, we also design the after-class practice task. After finishing the learning in class, we pay much attention to the after-class practice, assign trainers for the trainee, solve new problems met in the application process, convert the learned content into daily work, and actually put the learned knowledge to the practice. 

Crystal manager team (manager training plan)
    The manager indicate the manager in all functional business lines of the company, and the training target of these personnel level can be summarized as six words “have both ability and political integrity”.
    For the “political integrity”, besides selecting the excellent talents highly identifying the company values, willing to develop with the enterprise, and having excellent personal moral cultivation and perfect leadership potential, we also introduce scientific talent evaluation measure to select the talent; and for the “ability”, we put the focus on the leadership development and the expansion of transverse business knowledge. At the same time, we hire high-level leaders of the company for the trainee to solve problems of trainees in the application process. Moreover, we design the model enterprise visiting and wild drill activities in the training project so as to expand the view, build the character, and help the middle-layer manager to enhance the mutual communication and comprehend the management way. 
   The in-turn cycling training mode in Crystal manager team provides the human resource guarantee for strategic talent team transmission, talent ladder team construction and sustainable development of company. 

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