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Mountain Climbing of Headquarter
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Happy gathering in rainy day
   May 9, 2015, at the start of Summer, there still is some smell of Spring, light rain falls in the air like a woven silk, and this inevitably brings us of the girl holding an oil-paper umbrella and strolling in a rain lane of South River. Even the time was earlier than the appointed time, batches of polyester plastic umbrellas have already gathered in front of the company building, beautiful girls and boys wearing sport equipment held the umbrella and talked happily, this broke the gloomy edge of the sky, and the rain seemed to dance with the laughter and wind. At 8:15, two buses carried the laughter and expectation of tens of people to the starting point -Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University and started the Mountain Climbing of Headquarter and Branches of Crystal Optech after Raining in 2015. 
Magic power in preparation before climbing the mountain 
   After arriving at the Zhejiang University, the rain stopped. We distributed the supplies and took a domineering group photo in front of the powerful sculptor of Chairman Mao, and went to the “Lover Slope”, where leader Zhang made a speech and assigned the mountain climbing personnel of arranging brother Hui at the front of the team, Mr. Shang in the middle, Zhang Bo at the end, and brother Long as the photographer. Other members gathered around their new three leaders at will, including the Axe Team of “going everywhere with an axe” under the lead of a tomboy leader; the dorky and cute team that “you will be natural dorky after staying inside for a long time and be natural cute after being dorky at a certain extent” under the lead of a cute girl; and a Cheng Zihan team integrating cute boys, goddess, mature boys, and beautiful girls under the lead of a little god. 
Full passion at the start of mountain climbing 
   The Laohe Mountain after rain is still covered by the fog like wearing a lightweight yarn and increases the lithe and graceful scene. Leaves carry falling crystal drops. With delightful scene, cheerful mood and the will of reaching the summit, we stepped on the ladders washed by rain and easily went upward the summit of Laohe Mountain in sequence. On the way, people talked and laughed in encouragement, happiness, and assistance by carrying bags of others, beads of sweat come out from forehead and flow all over the face, and thick wheezing sound passed through the mountain and the ear, but this is just a piece of cake in comparison with the will of reaching the summit. The tiredness does not strike us down but bring us energy. After climbing more than 700 steps, even the child in kindergarten and two new Mums not restored in physical reached the summit! Standing at the summit and watching Hangzhou city through water mist, everything was so beautiful. After taking a break, we went downhill and reached the botanic garden through the Lingfeng Mountain. If going uphill is hard, then going downhill is dangerous. The short-time rest removed all tiredness, and little behaviors came out, for example, shaking drops in the tree, amusing buddies behind, kidding members and talking some cold jokes with a piece of cold wind, or imitating sister Li to rub on the mountain roads and fall over sometimes. 
Indulge in pleasures without stop
    Compared with the tiredness when going uphill and the danger when going downhill, it is easy and happy when walking in the botanic garden. The mist went away, weak sunshine sprinkled, unknown flower bloomed, and nameless tree towered. Someone caught the shrimps, someone took photos, and the little boy Cheng Zihan kept feeding fishes and did not want to go away. Of course, because of full energy and enough supply, we do not feel hungry, after feeding the fish, the coming food aroma reminded us that our stomachs have emitted cuckoo sound. 

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