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Hiking Activity of Marketing Dep
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    The marketing department of Crystal Optech organized a hiking activity in Linhai Yunfeng Mountain, and this paper aims to record some details of this activity and express the thoughts and feelings. 
Announcement conference before hiking .Dispel misgivings and clarify details 
    For most workers in the marketing department, it is expected to join in the hiking activity like this for the first time and also worried about the target of 20 km. Fortunately, two colleagues hiked the Yunfeng Mountain by 30km encouraged us and brought us some experience. “The cotton underwear is the death wear for outdoor activities.” Yang Jianguo seriously said that, “do not wear too much, do not wear the turtle neck clothes, and wear the sport shoes used for at least half a month, bring 3 bottles of water, 3 pairs of cotton socks, and do not carry too much snacks.” Knowing this, our concerns faded away and seemed the way of 20km is so easy!

Preparation:Safe traveling and green traveling 

    Before the hiking activity, we invited three experiencers (Dan Jiaqi, Yang Jianguo, and Peng Jianbin) as our leader, middle and tail. They were fully armed and held the wireless interphone to escort us in the whole way. Everyone in the marketing department was distributed with a climbing rod as the third leg.

Start of hiking .Pumping blood and mutual aid 
    At 7:00 in the morning, we gathered at the gate of the company and got on the bus together to Linhai. At 8:30, we arrived at Linhai Xingshanmen Square. After getting off the bus, we were frozen to discharge snot, but the Director Shao who took off like a “turtle” shown us his black and strong arm and special sound, this made us forget the coldness. 
    With wind and laughter, we arrived at the Yunfeng Mountain and started to climb the mountain. Yunfeng Mountain has no regular ladders but sand roads curved by past climbers, and endless uphill and sharp slope, we started to be hot in 30 minutes. At the place of 4km, there is a sharp slope of about 200m, which can be passed only by mutual aid and the climbing aid. After passing the sharp slope, a colleague presented the leg cramps. In order to not delay the trip, he suffered this potentially with sweat beads coming out around his face. The tail Peng Jianbin applied Voltaren for him. We went ahead continuously and found a single-plank bridge in front of us, one side of the bridge is the rock face, and the other side is the cliff, you can only pass the bridge by walking against the rock face, this likes the roads walked by the exploer, and we passed it carefully one by one. 

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