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Talent concept 

    The company insists on the core values of “Study, Growth, Gratefulness and Sharing”, trains a talent team with high quality and high performance, and provides enough development space for those ambitious and competent talents identifying the company values so that the talent in deed and the talent in need have the performance platform and the successful talent can obtain the awards and honors. 

View on talent selection 
Select the talent having both ability and political integrity, pay equal attention to both internal and external sides; appoint people on their merit; and follow fair competition.

View of talent training 
Train enough talents with high quality for strategic development of the company. 

View on talent use 
Do not suspect the talent you use, reasonably provide the right, give full scope to the talents, and not demand perfection. 

View on talent reservation 
Develop the internal business mechanism, and provide wider development space for employees. 

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