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Players in Crystal Optech Smooth
发布时间:2015-11-16来源:By Jiamingshang
    On November 15, Taizhou held the first international marathon contest, and Crystal Optech team assigned more than 30 players in the contest.
    At 7:00 in the morning, the players of Crystal Optech were gathered already and made preparation of the Taizhou Marathon~ at 8:00, in bustling crowd, Crystal Optech started the long marathon trip, of course, including four talents in Crystal Optech, the public shouted and supported us with full enthusiasm, and this formed a beautiful scene in the marathon stadium. 
    In addition to bright and brave players, volunteers of Crystal Optech were also awesome, they worn uniform dress and played drum, our BOSS joinin in the team, and this provided high-level service for players of Crystal Optech.
    Crystal Optech first fought in Taizhou marathon and brought much joy for the marathon with our enthusiasm and passion, and also set off a new round of motion upsurge for the company. We are looking forward to the next carnival of Crystal Optech. 

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