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“Warm Crystal, Thanks for You” a
发布时间:2015-09-11来源:By Xueqinhu
    “My thankful heart, grateful to you…”, the 31st Teacher’s Day is coming, Crystal Optech carefully organized the internal trainer grateful Teacher’s Day activity. 
    In Crystal Optech, there is a group of people, as the company skeleton and technical talents, they pay much attention on course development and lecture to spread the knowledge to surrounding people, transmit their experience and knowledge and solve problems for others, and they are internal trainers of Crystal Optech. 
    At 10:00 of September 10, Crystal Optech Taizhou branch and Jiangxi branch held the grateful Teacher’s Day! See our grate internal trainer team!
    Besides distributing the holiday cards to trainers, we also increased the “certificate authentication” ceremony and the “wall” ceremony. Besides, we also prepared careful book purchasing card for our internal trainer, and hope they continue emitting light and heat in their job. 
     In happy and warm atmosphere, we terminated the Crystal grateful Teacher’s Day activity/
     Finally, happy Teacher’s Day for internal trainers and for all teachers. 

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