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Mayor Zhang Bing Visited Our Com
发布时间:2015-06-17来源:By Huiyu
    On the afternoon of June 16, Taizhou Mayor Zhang Bing and the governmental leader, the district leader, the urban related departments visited our company for investigation. At the forum, Lin Min, the chairman of the company introduced the basic information, industrial blocks, strategy idea and internal running mechanism to the mayor Zhang Bing, and in combination with the needs of enterprise development and faced difficulties, proposed the education issue of children of staff, the hazardous waste disposal problem, and the new plant construction land problems. The responsible person of relevant government department answered the questions and proposed solutions in site from their own functions. At the same time, Lin Min, the chairman of the company also provided suggestions to complete the industrial policies, build the industrial platform, and complete the government leading contact to Mayor Zhang Bing who approved these suggestions.
    Mayor Zhang Bing pointed out that, for new economic normal situation, each listed company should keep clear development thought and excellent development state, and works the leading and driving function in the city economic transfer development process. Hope the listed company continue to reach new heights, and make new contributions to the city's economic and social development.
    Mayor Zhang Bing stressed that the enterprise is the main body of the market and the development of the local community of destiny, and the core of steady growth is the steady business growth. All departments should attach great importance to steady growth, and always care about enterprise development, enthusiastically help to solve practical problems, further optimize the government service, create all kinds of platforms, create a good market environment, legal environment and credit environment, concentric with the enterprises in the same direction, the total grams of difficulties, and seek common development. Increase aid efforts, both to widespread attention to helping, but also pay more attention to catching backbone enterprises, especially listed companies, help them become bigger and stronger, promoting the coordinated development of the linkage, drive the industry transformation and upgrading. Each listed company under the support of the government, adhere to the legitimate business, green production, standardize the development, vying for enterprises transformation development example

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