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The Press Conference of E100 Inc
发布时间:2015-09-01来源:By Yingfang
On August 31, 2015, Zhejiang Crystal-Optech Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Anhua Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. held the Shenzhen, Futian Shangri La Hotel held the “Press Conference of E100 Inch Super-Short Distance Projecting Optical Engine Product” in Shenzhen Futian Shangri-La Hotel. At the conference, both parties jointly launched domestic leading and international advanced E100 Inch Super-Short Distance Projecting Optical Engine.
    The E100 Inch Super-Short Distance Projecting Optical Engine is the core part of the projecting product, The product adopts the high-power and high-brightness LED light emitting source of 20000 hours life, the 0.45 inch DLP display chip of 1280 * 800 resolution, and uses the secondary path reflexed technology, and can project 500 lumens 100 inch giant screen frame in only about half a meter. The terminal manufacturers can arrange and expand in consuming electronic product market such as home theater and video game, and the professional application market such as business clubs, KTV, and shopping malls. Regardless of the laser television and the traditional home projector, the home applications are related to installation problems, because of the large size of the projection screen requires guarantees projection distance, most families will take lifting and desktop is cast in the way, and the trouble of the assembly, affect the appearance, inconvenient use problems become is the largest user of pain. Ultra short focal projector products do not need to install, without changing the original home decoration structure, placed in the TV cabinet position, will be able to achieve 100 inch big screen, give users in their homes will be able to enjoy the experience of the effect of cinematic visual impact, greatly solve the user's pain points
    In this press conference, both parties said that, the selling price of E100 light engine products is less than $400, the machine price is expected to be about 1/10 of the large screen laser projection TV, and 1/25 of the 100 inch TV.
    In the press conference, the responsible person of Crystal Optech also said that, the companies will take advantage of autonomous technology to continue cultivating in the short distance projection technology, and will launch the 50-80-inch E60 projecting light engine with smaller volume, higher brightness, projection distance is shorter and higher resolution in 2016.

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