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Grand Banquet from Semiconductor
发布时间:2015-03-18来源:By Xishen
    On March 18, colleagues from the research and development center went to Shanghai to join in the annual “Munich Shanghai Optical Exhibition”. At the beginning of a year, with increasing development speed of scientific and technological industry upgrade, all colleagues are curious about what the exhibition shall bring. 
    When arranging at the exhibition field, the sea of people covered the outside of the conference hall, visitors from all corners of the country orderly began to enter the conference hall, and they were regulars at the Munich exhibition of optoelectronics. The rapid development of science and technology today provided a magic veil for the exhibition and attracted people longing for the future of science and technology.
    The agenda of the general assembly, the organizer arranged Lisa Su, the AMD's chief executive officer, and professor Guo Haicheng, one of the shareholders of Intel AchinBhownik and the Crystal King photoelectric to bring wonderful speech for everyone, and the bigger degree is visible.
    In the exhibition, smart glasses module, ultra short focus laser projection and on-board HUD are the research core of people. The research and development center focused on the design and market connection, felt the consuming psychology, handled the market trend and find the design clue and product location. 

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