LCOS seal glass
Product description:

    In the wafer work flow process, bind the backboard of cover glass and silicon wafer to process. Its air facing side must coat AR film,the LCD side also coat IMITO film to discrease reflection, realize high transmission and conduction function ,enhance system contrast rate as well. the intervals among LCD is less than 1 um, result in the strict surface quality is required.Identity of LCOS seal glass:   1. less defect.   2. low rest reflectance   3. product structure can be graphic.

  • Technical index
Material:EXG or Borofloat 33
Thickness:0.7or 1.1mm
Dimension:200mm (Round orSquare )
Spectral properties AR:R< 0.5% 420-650nm
Spectral properties IMITO :R< 0.1% 420-650 nm
Surface resistance:<200 Ohm/sp
Defect level:20um
Metal Pattern :resolution ratio 1 um

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