Heat-dissipating band
Product description:

    Heat-dissipating band is an exact optical part in the projector optic engine.it mainly rely on the heat conduction property and high transmission property,is widely used in LCD,LCOS and other systems.

  • Technical index
Main technical index:
1.Material:artificial optical quartz crystal,sapphire,optical glass       
2.Spectrum identity:AR film transmission: wacelengthλ=420-680nm Tave>94.5%; reflectance: wavelengthλ=450-650nm Rave<0.4%
3.Surface quality:dot≤100μm,scratch≤10μm, chip edge:≤0.5mm,facial pattern≤3Newton ring,contact angle:<50deg
4.Durability:high temperature high humidity+65℃,90% 500H;high temperature storage(+85℃) 500H; low emperature storage(-40℃) 500H;thermal shock:-40℃(2.5H)~+85℃(2.5H) 10cycles.

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