Watch cover glass
Product description:
    Grind and finish glass spherical lens according to watch external form, through increasing the hardness of coating to impress the friction resistance for the surface 
  • Technical index
Main technical index:
1. material : corning glass
2.chemical reinforce: DOL>45um, CS>750Mpa.  
3.coating type required:AR/AR+AF     coating type required
4.AR/AR transmission 450-650  T≥96.5%  Rave<1.%   
5.friction resistance: 0000#,1kgf load,40cycle/min,40mm)2000 cycles
  enviroment reliability
  high temperature test(+85℃)72h 
  low temperature test(-40℃)72h 
  high temperature and humidity(60℃,95%RH)72h  
  therml thock test: (store in -40℃ and 85℃ ,2.5h) 10 cycles

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