Polarization beam splitter(PBS)
Product description:
    Polarizing beam splitter (PBS, Polarization Beam Splitter) is cemented by a pair of right-angle prisms, The inclined surface of one prism is coated with polarization beam splitter. Bunch of natural light perpendicularly incidents on the the polarization splitting prism, the beam will be split into two orthogonal linearly polarized light, wherein P light entirely through, and S light reflected from the inclined surface of 45 degrees. Polarization beam splitter prism is widely used in LCoS, LCD , TFT and other polarizing optical systems, such as projection systems and wearable display systems. Typically, the quarter-wave plate needs to be attached on the polarizing prism to improve the contrast of the optical system. When necessary, may be printed on the outer surface of the polarizing beam splitter of the light-shielding black frame, in order to eliminate stray light in the system.
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K9,SF57HHT,ZF52and other Optical glass

dimensional tolerance


Angle tolerance


surface quality


Surface flatness




Spectral characteristic

Rs>99%,Tp>95% @ 420-650nm


R<0.5% @ 420-650nm


According to the customer request

Black Mask

According to the customer request

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