Total reflection prism(TIR)
Product description:
    Light from optically denser medium spreads to optically thinner medium, when the incident angle is greater than the total reflection angle, total reflection occurs. Total Internal reflection prism (TIR, Total Internal Reflection) is designed according to this principle, it's  widely used in various types of optical systems as the optical path bending devices, the single isosceles rectangular prism is more common. The TIR device in DLP system, glueds by a rectangular prism and another isosceles prism, the two prisms form an air gap between the two prisms to satisfy the condition of total reflection. Generally ,the outer surface of the prism is printed with light-shielding black area, to eliminate stray light in the system.
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ZF6 and other Optical glass

Dimensional tolerances


Angle tolerance


surface quality


Surface flatness



R<0.5% @ 420-650nm



Black Mask

According to the customer request

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