Sapphire Watch Looking Glass
Product description:
    Sapphire looking glass has good properties such as high hardness, scratch resistance, and etching resistance. It increases the protection of watch and make the watch life longer. Also, with waterproof film, it can bring a better touching feeling to customers. 

  • Technical index
Main Technical Index:
(1) Waterproof film, contact angle: 115°±5°;
(2) Diameter tolerance: ±0.02mm;
(3) Mark, dirt, chip≤0.25mm;
(4) Environmental reliability
High temperature test(+85℃)72h
Low temperature test(-40℃)72h
High temperature & high humidity (60℃,95%RH)72h
Thermal shock test(-40℃,85℃ for 2.5hrs each)10 circles
Steel wool test(0000#,1kgf load,40cycle/min,40mm)2000 circle 

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