Sapphire Cell Phone Panel
Product description:
    Sapphire Cell Phone Panel, the material is scratch resistance and etching resistance. And it has good transmission at visible range and infrared range. Compared with glass panel, it has better compressive strength and scratch resistance. It also can improve cell phone touching sensitivity.

  • Technical index
Main Technical Index:
(1) Spectral property: 450-650nm,Tave>90%;
(2) Waterproof film: contact angle 115°±5°;
(3) Intensity property: no crack after 130g steel ball dropped onto the center from 40cm high; bending strength≥700Mpa
(4) Environmental reliability
     High temperature test(+80℃)240h
     Low temperature test(-40℃)240h
     High temperature & high humidity (70℃,90%RH)240h
     Thermal shock test(-40℃,80℃ for 0.5hrs each)100 circles
     Steel wool test(0000#,1kgf load,40cycle/min,40mm)1500 circle 
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